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Minister of Communication and Government Spokesman: Algeria’s support for just causes is a constant position and will not be subject to any blackmail

Minister of Communication and official government spokesman, Ammar Belhimer, stressed that Algeria’s support for just causes “is a constant position that is not and will not be subject to any blackmail or pressure whatever its source.”

In an interview with the ArabicPost website, Mr. Belhimer tackled the issue of Algeria’s support for just causes across the world, such as the Palestinian cause, which is – as he emphasized – “a constant position that is not and will not be subject to any blackmail or pressure, whatever its nature and source.”

Speaking about Algeria’s rejection of normalization, Mr. Belhimer said, President Tebboune is “a man of positions and principles who does not negotiate on fateful issues, foremost among which is the Palestinian cause, refusing to follow the wave of normalization.”

This constant sovereign decision reflects the firm conviction of the Algerian people, and therefore it “will not be affected by whoever chooses normalization or who promotes it,” adds the official government spokesman.

With regard the opening of the door to Israel, which has gained a foothold in the Arab Maghreb, following the normalization of relations between of its relations with Morocco, Mr. Belhimer emphasized that this normalization has existed for years, and what happened recently is merely officializing or bringing these relations out to the public, in light of the rejection and opposition by the kingdom’s noble and honest people to the process.

As for Algeria, Mr. Belhimer indicated that those calling for normalization realize that they will not be able to blackmail it or weaken it, whether by normalization or by any mean maneuver, as long as this great nation has a national army in harmony with the rest of the state institutions and is fully integrated with the people who support it without any restriction or condition.

In the same connection, Mr. Belhimer underlined Algeria’s support for the Sahrawi cause, of which its position remains clear, and which always confirms its support for any option agreed upon by the parties to the conflict in Western Sahara in order to end the war in the last colony in Africa.

The government spokesman also answered a question centered on Morocco’s repeated requests to open the closed borders between the two countries, recalling that Algeria was not the cause behind this situation, adding: “It is not enough for the Kingdom’s officials to demand the opening of the borders, but they must show good intentions and take the necessary measures to end the attacks and the crimes directed against Algeria through the border crossings, foremost among which is the smuggling of weapons and drugs.

Regarding a question about Algeria’s demand for Moroccan peasants and farmers who were exploiting Algerian lands in the province of Bechar to evacuate them, Mr. Belhimer stressed that Algeria has the absolute sovereign right to dispose of its lands, including the recovery of areas exploited by illegal means by non-Algerian citizens.

In view of the turning of the common borders between the two countries into favorable crossings for smuggling, it required the taking of measures to end these dangerous practices targeting the security and stability of Algeria, recalling in the same regard that these Moroccan citizens, although they had been exploiting Algerian lands for many years without the slightest compensation, they were paying taxes to their country.

In another development, related to the Algerian-French relations, specifically the part of the memory file. Mr. Belhimer hailed what has been done so far in this regard, but he went on to say: Even if we appreciate the steps that have been made, they remain insufficient, as it is not enough to provide fragmented and scattered parts of this comprehensive case of principle that cannot be renounced, but which cannot, in return, be used as a commercial register to achieve certain purposes.

Suspicious movements that have nothing to do with the demands of the Hirak movement, and the state will face up to them.

The government spokesman affirmed that the various measures included in the course of meeting the demands of the popular movement will continue at various levels, but he pointed out that, in parallel with goodwill initiatives and positive measures taken amid difficult circumstances at all levels, we are noticing suspicious and dangerous behaviors that have nothing to do with the demands and goals for which the Hirak was launched.

Mr. Belhimer stressed that the state stands in the face of all manipulations, incitement actions and dangerous deviations by separatists and illegal movements which are close to terrorism and which take advantage of the weekly marches.

He also underlined the link between the People’s National Army and its people, which he described as “the guarantor of the country’s immunity,” noting that the various experiences that Algeria went through proved that “no one can destabilize the solid relationship between the army and the nation, nor between it and other institutions such as the presidency of the republic.”

Regarding the legislative elections slated for next June 12 and the announcement of a boycott by some political parties, Mr. Belhimer said that, “Despite the huge number of those who wish to run in the legislative elections, and in order to consecrate the rules of democracy, we respect the decision and freedom of the parties that have declared that they wouldn’t participate.”

The most important thing remains, in his view, that the coming legislations will comply, for the first time, with the standards of integrity and absolute transparency thanks to the new election law, so that the ballot will be the only element to select the people’s representatives.

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