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Minister of Communication: anniversary of the restoration of sovereignty over radio and television is a “recognized station for media’s alignment with homeland.”

Minister of Communication Amar Belhimer affirmed, Thursday, in Algiers, that the anniversary of the restoration of sovereignty over the two national radio and television institutions is “a remarkable station in the path of aligning the national media with the country.”

Belhimer said during his participation in a pause of gratitude and mercy, which was organized at the headquarters of Algerian television on the occasion of the commemoration of the 59th anniversary of the extension of sovereignty over radio and television, in the presence of the advisor to the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Chikhi, President of the Independent National Authority for Audiovisual Regulation, Mohamed Loubir, and the general directors of the Algerian television, Chabane Lounakel, the national radio, Mohamed Baghali, the Radio and Television Corporation Fadela Boumriga, as well as the Director General of the Algerian News Agency, Samir Kaid, said that this anniversary is “a remarkable station in the path of alignment of the national media, always at the side of the country, whatever the circumstances and whatever the opponents are.”

The minister added: “We bow in honor of all media professionals who, despite their almost non-existent capabilities, thwarted the enemy’s “propaganda” and raised the challenge of running radio and television with Algerian hands on the day of independence, noting that thanks to their “sacrifices and the contributions of those who have joined them, the radio and television institutions continue to work hard beside the rest of the national media institutions that have entered the world of digitization.”

On the same occasion, Belhimer stressed that “the electronic press and the neighborhood media have become the most important means of communication in a competitive world marred by unprofessional and immoral abuses, similar to the cyber war waged by hostile agent websites against our country, due to its sovereign decisions and principled positions in support of international legitimacy.”

He stressed that he is counting on “the national public and private media to contribute to winning the bet of the alternative media, in addition to the websites domiciled in Algeria.”

He continued by saying that the sector is working to “enhance freedom of the press through the comprehensive reforms that it has embarked on” by relying on “priority legal texts with the aim of ensuring and motivating professionalism that is both freedom and responsibility.”

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