Minister of Communication praises “solidarity spirit” of Algerian people with residents of provinces affected by fires

The Minister of Communication, Ammar Belhimer, praised, Thursday, in Algiers, the “innate gift of solidarity” of the Algerian people, with the residents of the areas ravaged recently by the fires, which reflects the unique character of the Algerian people in “unity and cohesion”.

In a speech on the occasion of the National Day of the Mujahid, which coincides with the double anniversary of the attacks in North Constantine on August 20, 1955 and the convening of Soummam Conference on the same day and month of 1956, the Minister of Communication stressed that “these two prominent events in the contemporary history of Algeria reflect” the unique character of the Algerian people in unity and cohesion. This was recently embodied by the innate gift of people, especially the youth, in their help and solidarity with the residents of the areas ravaged by massive fires, especially in the provinces of Tizi Ouzou and Bejaïa.”

The Minister explained that the lessons of the past were enough to teach the Algerians that “the one hand and the tight row are a safety valve for Algeria, which, despite the plots and the cunning of planners, remains standing thanks to the awareness, love and sacrifices of its sons, especially from members of People’s National Army, the descendant of the National Liberation Army.”

In this regard, Belhimer called on everyone to “contribute to this noble national effort, rather I say the sacred,” – stressed the minister – “by teaching the glories of the past to young people as a yoke of identity and collective memory that Algeria is determined to preserve by glorifying and drawing lessons from it, and by asking France to restore our rights looted from archives and material and moral property that cannot be waived or forgotten.”

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