Minister of Energy and Mines receives representatives of employers’ organizations

Minister of Energy and Mines Mohamed Arkab received, on Thursday here in Algiers, a number of representatives of employers’ organizations to discuss ways and means to support investors in this sector and overcome difficulties they encounter.

According to a statement by the Ministry of Energy and Mines, Arkab met with the President of General Confederation of Algerian Enterprises, Saida Neghza, President of the National Confederation of Algerian Employers, Mohamed Said Nait Abdelaziz, as well as the President of National Union of Investors, Owners and Users of Service and Fuel Stations “Uniprest” Hamid Ait Anceur.

In his meeting with Ms. Neghza, many topics related to exploring investment opportunities for private economic institutions in the sector were discussed, especially in the fields of mines, hydrocarbons, petrochemicals, process industries, electricity transfer as well as renewable energies.

On this occasion, the minister affirmed “the energy and mines sector’s readiness to support and provide a suitable investment climate for all private national institutions, by providing all facilities to investors in various fields, such as connecting the activity areas and industrial and agricultural areas to the electricity grid,” according to the same source.

Arkab also called for the installation of a working group to conduct a comprehensive research on the measures that must be adopted to facilitate investment activity that creates wealth and manpower.

As for the second meeting, which brought the minister together with Mr. Nait Abdelaziz and Mr. Ait Anceur, various topics related to the energy and mines sector were discussed in light of the current circumstances and the repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic on the national economy.

After listening to concerns expressed by the Confederation and “UNIPREST”, Arkab expressed his understanding of all the observations raised, stressing the necessity to pool everyone’s efforts to continue with the same pace of coordination, consultation and joint action in order to find the most appropriate solutions, according to the statement.

The Minister also thanked all partners in this field for their responsibility in maintaining the continuity of work, calling on them to modernize service and fuel stations and to generalize the use of liquefied gas as a clean fuel for vehicles in Algeria, the same source adds.

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