Minister of Environment gives, from the province of Tipaza, the go ahead for a national cleaning campaign

Minister of Environment and Renewable Energies, Samia Moualfi, gave, today, Friday, from Bousmail Tipaza, the go ahead for a national campaign to clean the environment.

The campaign was organized by the Ministry of Environment and Renewable Energies in cooperation with the National Observatory of Civil Society and the local authorities of the provinces under the slogan “Partners in environment, responsible for its cleanliness”.

The go ahead, which was given in the presence of the President of the National Observatory for Civil Society, Abderrahmane Hamzaoui and the Governor of the province of Tipaza, Aboubakr Essedik Bousetta, witnessed a “strong” participation of children, the associative movement, youth groups, sports and artistic figures, while more than 200 trucks and machines and about 1,000 workers were mobilized to make the initiative a success across all parts of Tipaza.

On the occasion of this campaign, which will continue until October 31, the Minister called on all segments of society, various bodies, institutions, neighborhood committees and citizens to participate in this initiative.

The minister said that “Algerians are required to give a good and beautiful image of the homeland, especially that the country will receive guests from various countries of the Arab world, by ensuring the cleanliness and decoration of the environment” noting that preserving the environment is “everyone’s responsibility.”

It’s worth recalling that the ministry indicated in a statement that the campaign comes in implementation of the instructions and directives given during the government’s meeting with the governors, held on September 24 and 25, related to improving the living conditions of the citizen and taking care of his concerns, especially those related to the need to pay special attention to the cleanliness of environment.

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