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Minister of Foreign Affairs: Diplomatic relations between Algeria and Russia are characterized by a high level of consultation

Minister of Foreign Affairs and National Community Abroad, Ramtane Lamamra, affirmed that “the relations between Algeria and Russia are characterized by a high level of consultation.”

Lamamra said in an interview with “Russia Today” channel broadcast yesterday, Saturday, that “Russia has ancient and historical relations with Algeria, and there is a declaration of a strategic partnership between the two countries that was signed in 2001.

Algerian FM added that “the relationship between Algerian and Russian diplomacy is characterized by a high level of consultation,” noting that “based on all these interests and all these traditions, Algeria always conducts serious consultations with Russia, be they devoted to some sensitive issues before the UN Security Council, or when it comes to matters that may affect Russia’s interests and which are discussed in forums in which Algeria is a member.”

The minister stressed that “the relations between the two countries are always prone to improvement,” underlining that this improvement “is linked to the extent of consultation and exchange of visits and making the proposed institutional frameworks – a joint committee, a political dialogue committee – work in accordance with the texts that were developed and provide all the opportunities for both sides.” to deepen this consultation, and to implement consensual aspects.”

In response to a question about plans to expand this coordination to include wider areas, Mr. Lamamra said: “The current level naturally reflects the importance granted by the two sides to this consultation, but the development of relations and the acceleration of events on the international scene, may dictate that we develop these frameworks and mechanisms to become more capable of understanding the need to consult and perhaps agree on common positions when it comes to issues consistent with our vision as a non-aligned country and as a country that seeks to build strong friendly relations with Russia.”

Mr. Lamamra also evoked Russia’s interest in the African continent, by organizing a summit between African countries and Russia, as well as a joint meeting of foreign ministers of African countries and Russia, which was scheduled to take place soon, but was postponed.

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