Minister of Health: 2022 will be marked by the completion of the sixth general population and housing census in Algeria

Minister of Health, Abderrahmane Benbouzid, confirmed today, Wednesday, in Algiers, that 2022, which coincides with the celebrations commemorating the sixtieth anniversary of the recovery of national sovereignty, will be marked by the completion of the sixth general population and housing census.

In a meeting on the occasion of the commemoration of the World Population Day, held  this year under the slogan “Towards demographic flexibility: Exploiting opportunities for a better future”, in the presence of representatives of United Nations agencies in Algeria and several national sectors, the minister said that this census is a “precious source for enriching the available databases, allowing to take the necessary measures to cope with the shortcomings and remedy the deficit, as well as to benefit in particular from the capabilities of every citizen in the service of national development.”

After mentioning the various national programs adopted in the field of population growth and its relations with economic and social development in order to achieve progress in the fields of health and education and to improve the living conditions of the population, Mr. Benbouzid highlighted the importance of this progress, notably in “significantly decreasing infant and maternal mortality with an increase in life expectancy for both men and women”.

The infant mortality rate in recent years is estimated at 18.9 %, while the maternal mortality rate is put at 48.5%.

For its part, the average life expectancy at birth, which is an indicator of the health status of the population, goes over 77 years for both men and women.

Meanwhile, the health minister stressed the need to continue making efforts to ensure quality health care, with special attention to women of childbearing age, children, persons with disabilities and the elderly, noting that “despite the progress achieved, there is still an urgent need to make efforts to make up for the shortfall in all areas and promote the integration of demographic goals into various economic, social and environmental development programmes.”

Mr. Benbouzid also called on members of the National Population Committee to “update the national population policy by 2030 by adopting an approach based on demographic flexibility and strengthening inter-sectoral cooperation in the design and implementation of programs and activities in the field of population and development.”

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