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Minister of Health expresses his “satisfaction” with the stability of the epidemiological situation

Health Minister Abderrahmane Benbouzid expressed his “satisfaction” with the stability of the epidemiological situation resulting from the Corona pandemic (Covid-19), praising the efforts made by the provincial directors of health, according to a statement issued today, Tuesday, by the same ministry.

The Minister of Health praised, during a coordination and evaluation meeting with health directors yesterday, Monday, held via videoconference, “the efforts made by these people and working according to a coordination program as well as the commitment to implement the various recommendations made by the Ministry, foremost of which is the allocation of hospitals and special departments to Covid- 19 at the level of entire health structures, while maintaining the activity of a number of specialties of paramount importance, such as gynecology and obstetrics, resuscitation, general surgery, emergency and pediatrics, in addition to providing all epidemic-specific medicines, foremost of which are anticoagulants in large quantities.

Mr. Benbouzid did not miss the opportunity of this meeting – according to the same source – to refer to the recorded infections among health professionals with the Covid-19 virus, as he expressed his hope that they would recover and commended their sense of responsibility by confronting this epidemic since its onset.

With regard to the importance of vaccination against the virus, the first official in charge of the sector stressed the “necessity to return and upgrade this process as it is the only way to confront the virus,” calling on the provinces, which recorded a small percentage of vaccination, to double awareness and sensitization.

Meanwhile, he urged health directors to give priority to emergency services within the rehabilitation programs, given the importance of these departments in the hospital considering this a “challenge that must be raised and achieved in the near future.”

The Minister also advocated, on the occasion, in favor of improving the services provided to the neighborhood citizen, by increasing the number of neighborhood health facilities and providing them with various specialties of great importance to the citizen in order to spare him the hardship of moving to healthcare structures and hospital centers to benefit from the services that can be guaranteed at the level of public institutions for neighborhood health.

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