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Minister of Health gives kick-off to national vaccination campaign against Coronavirus

Minister of Health, Population and Hospital Reform, Abderrahmane Benbouzid, gave today Saturday, the kick-off to the national vaccination campaign which will allow reaching the objective of vaccinating 70 % of the population by the end of the current year with the involvement and help of all ministerial departments, civil society and social partners.

During a press conference organized this morning at the headquarters of the Health ministry on the occasion of the kickoff of the national vaccination campaign that will last from September 4 to September 11, Mr. Benbouzid underlined the role played by civil society and social partners, each in its field, to combat the pandemic.

He also called for a total mobilization of the government and the Algerian people for the success of the campaign until a large number of vaccinated people is reached, thus contributing to reduce the impact of the pandemic and alleviate hospitals.

In the same respect, Mr. Mr. Benbouzid called on people aged more than 18 years old to get vaccinated at vaccination centers available throughout the national territory and endowed with all necessary conditions, adding that a large number of vaccinations should be recorded by the end of the year.

Health Minister also invited national media which he considers an efficient partner to play a positive role during the campaign by sensitizing citizens on the risks of Coronavirus.

Meanwhile, Mr. Benbouzid insisted on paying tribute to healthcare staff who overcame challenges and continue to fight against the pandemic despite all the difficulties encountered during the 3rd wave.

For his part, the spokesman of the scientific committee for monitoring the evolution of coronavirus pandemic, Dr. Djamel Fourar, indicated that 8 million people have been vaccinated since the beginning of the year, 5 million of whom received only the first dose and 3 million received the two doses.

The same official stated that the Health Ministry will present on a daily basis the figures relating to the national vaccination campaign pointing out that the overall assessment will take place on September 11 coinciding with the last day of the national vaccination campaign.

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