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Minister of Health highlights the importance of neighboring health structures in Bachar

Minister of Health, Population and Hospital Reform, Abderrahmane Benbouzid, stressed   Friday, in Kanadsa (Bechar) the importance of neighborhood health structures in ensuring the health of citizens.

On the sidelines of a visit to the rehabilitation and preparation of one of the neighborhood health structures at the headquarters of the Kanadsa department (18 km south of Bechar), Benbouzid explained that the neighborhood health structures are the first to take care of treatment, medical examinations and prevention in addition to their contribution to a large extent in helping hospitals to ensure quality service for patients with various diseases.

For his part, the Governor of Bechar Mohamed Belkateb indicated that the official launch of this health structure, whose rehabilitation and preparation cost exceeded 42 million dinars, will be on July 5, as part of the strengthening of the sector’s facilities in this local community, adding “We intend to provide this local structure, during the year 2022, with a 60-bed hospital in order to take care of the concerns and complaints of citizens and enhance health coverage for the province.”

According to local health sector officials, it is expected to provide the neighborhood health institution in Kanadsa with an open technical platform for health professionals (surgical medical emergencies, medical imaging and medical analyzes laboratory), in addition to a maternity department to ensure the health of mothers and children.

For reference, the Minister of Health, Population and Hospital Reform concluded yesterday  morning, Friday morning, a two-day visit to the provinces of Bechar and Beni Abbas, with a visit to El Ksar and the Kanadsa Zawia, which are included in the National Cultural Heritage Register.

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