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Minister of Health: National meeting to study ways to embody provisions of Health Law before end of 2021

Minister of Health Abderrahmane Benbouzid revealed today, Thursday, preparations for holding a national meeting before the end of 2021 to study ways to implement the provisions of the 2018 Health Law, in the presence of all social partners and representatives of several sectors.

The Minister of Health, in response to a question by National Assembly member Noureddine Belatrache, in which he touched on several issues related to the problem of reforming the health system, during a public session chaired by Salah Goudjil, President of the Council of the Nation, devoted to asking oral questions, confirmed that the Health Law of 2018 came to answer a problem. Reform of the health system, and efforts remain – as he added – “mainly receding in how to embody the provisions of this law,” which were “very difficult to implement due to the health crisis that the country is experiencing, like the rest of the world, as a result of the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic.”

In this context, he added, that despite the “deficiencies” shown by this crisis in regulating the health system, it gave the sector’s users a “unique experience in the field of resource management.”

Among the topics that will be raised during this meeting, which will be organized by the Ministry at the end of the year, is the “Health Map and Health Regulation Scheme”, through which health coverage measures will be defined, as well as the organization of treatment networks to ensure the best health care for the patient.

The means to be mobilized at the national and regional levels will also be controlled, taking into account the population basins and the epidemiological, health, geographic, demographic, social and economic characteristics of each region, in order to facilitate and ensure access to treatment in every point of the national territory.

On the other hand, according to Professor Benbouzid, the topic of “Financing the National Health System to Improve the Level of Health Services” will be discussed during this meeting, highlighting how to ensure the effective contribution of social security organizations to the financial coverage of the treatment expenses provided by health institutions for the benefit of the insured.

In this context, the same official confirmed that, in addition to all that was mentioned, there will be discussions about joint sectoral work and the contribution of associative and cooperative movements to the implementation of the national health policy, given the great role that the latter plays in the implementation of national programs for disease prevention.

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