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Minister of Health praises role of civil society in confronting Coronavirus pandemic

Health Minister Abderrahmane Benbouzid praised Tuesday in Algiers the role of civil society in efforts to fight the Covid-19 pandemic alongside citizens and health professionals.

During the National Conference on the role of civil society in raising awareness against Covid-19, which is part of the cooperation project between Algeria and the European Union (EU), the Minister of Health welcomed the contribution of civil society which gave, he said, “a wonderful image in standing alongside citizens and health professionals”, highlighting the commitment, sacrifices and achievements of the civil society at the forefront of the fight against the pandemic.

Associations have played a “great role” in encouraging the spirit of solidarity rooted in Algerians through colossal and sometimes decisive efforts at local and national levels, Benbouzid stated.

On this occasion, the Minister of Health made a point of expressing, on behalf of the State and the national medical corporation, his admiration and his gratitude to these associations, considering that by fulfilling their duty, these men and women, young people for the most part, showed us that their task was not easy and without risk, and that health is an objective that cannot be achieved without synergy between institutions and society as a whole”.

Professor Benbouzid recalled that Algeria had put in place several mechanisms, mobilizing all health structures and all state institutions, from the highest level to the smallest local unit and ensuring funds and investments as well as the necessary equipment, care and vaccines.

Recalling the effects of the pandemic on all levels and which required a combination of efforts to contain and eradicate this “unstable and multifaceted” disaster, the Minister of Health expressed his thanks for the support provided by the European Union (EU) and the support provided to the health sector in Algeria within the framework of bilateral cooperation which is part of the “European solidarity response initiative to the Coronavirus pandemic”.

“This approach reflects, adds the Minister, the quality of bilateral relations which are set to be further strengthened in the field of health, which will make it possible to progress in the fight against scourges and to meet future challenges.

The national conference was enhanced by the presence of ministry officials, representatives of civil society, the head of the EU Commission and the resident representative of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Algeria.

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