Minister of Health: Public authorities pay special attention to the challenges of the health system

Health Minister Abderrahmane Benbouzid affirmed, Friday in Algiers, that the public authorities pay special attention to the challenges facing the health system and the difficulties it is going through in order to provide appropriate solutions, in a speech he delivered during his supervision of the opening of the Fifth Conference of the Algerian Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

The minister highlighted that “ensuring access to quality health care for all citizens is a common task,” stressing that “with continuous mobilization and training,” the new health challenges facing professionals in the health sector are “taken care of,” noting that choosing allergies and viral diseases as a main topic for this conference “is a very wise choice in view of the wide range of diseases covered by these topics and which remain the most significant in the current situation (the coronavirus pandemic).

The Minister stressed the need to continue to mobilize against the Coronavirus pandemic, because – as he said – “the immune dimension no longer needs to be proven”, and he also explained that “the significant spread of diseases such as acute asthma, which is constantly increasing in our country, viral respiratory infections, food allergies and others autoimmune diseases and vaccination against COVID-19 are all challenges that must be constantly faced.”

The minister considered that this conference is an important meeting for experts in these fields to develop the important disciplines represented in immunology and allergy, as well as in the development of medical activity in light of new scientific achievements at the global level.

Finally, the minister expressed his hope that this conference will be fruitful, carry new projects, and open a new era for qualitative care for patients with diseases related to immunity and allergies.

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