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Minister of Health receives members of the National Union of Public Health Practitioners

Minister of Health, Abdelhak Saihi received the members of the National Union of Public Health Specialist Practitioners (SNPSSP), within the framework of dialogue and consultation with the social partners with a view to improving the situation in the sector, indicated, Wednesday, a press release from the ministry.

The meeting which brought together, on Tuesday evening, the members of the SNPSSP office, under the chairmanship of Dr Mohamed Yousfi and in the presence of the executives of the central administration, was devoted to the examination of “several questions which concern the professionals of the sector”.

Affirming that the purpose of this meeting is “to open the field to debate, dialogue and consultation, and to seek definitive solutions to a set of outstanding problems while taking into account all the proposals”, the Minister assured that “the realization of this objective is the very will of the central administration”, especially since the unions are “permanent partners”.

The Minister stressed “the importance of opening a space for periodic dialogue, with a view to finding the mechanisms capable of developing the health sector, ensuring the essential conditions for professionals in the sector and through the implementation of the strategies drawn up by the guardianship, which consist of an action plan for the benefit of the patient”.

Mr. Saihi also highlighted “the common points between the guardianship and the SNPSSP, namely to serve the patient”, welcoming “all the proposals and contributions made by these practitioners”.

For their part, the members of the union presented “a number of files, at the forefront, the profit-sharing bonus and the adoption of new incentive measures for the benefit of medical practitioners and their special status”.

Dr. Yousfi, in turn, praised “the efforts made by the first manager of the sector, in particular through the reopening of the doors of dialogue”, assuring “the union’s readiness to contribute to all efforts likely to develop the sector in an appropriate climate based on dialogue, consultation and trust”.

Responding to the concerns raised, the Minister of Health reiterated “his absolute support for the demands of union members and those of all professionals in the health sector”.

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