Minister of Higher Education: The next university year will witness the enhancement of artificial intelligence and foreign languages

The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, KamelBadari, confirmed today, Thursday in Algiers, that the next university year will be a year of consolidating remote education, including artificial intelligence, and enhancing teaching of English language, so that the graduate can be a contributor to the national development locomotive.

During a public session in the National People’s Assembly devoted to oral questions to a number of members of the government, the minister explained that the next university year will be defined by “a focus on the use of artificial intelligence and foreign languages, especially English,” noting that the ministry seeks to reach a rate of approximately 80 percent in teaching technological and science disciplines in English.

He revealed that university institutions have begun to teach some subjects in English, starting from the next semester, in addition to supporting university professors to  contributing to the training of students so that they are university graduates – as he said – “who master 3 languages and are proficient in information and communication technologies.”

In a related context, Badari indicated his interest in expanding the scope of remote education, starting with the next university year, which will enable students t²o “carry out field trainings remotely and register across various universities without the need to move between states, in order to achieve equality and justice in the higher education sector.

With regard to supporting the project holders of the startups, the minister stated that instructions were given to all university institutions in order to accompany them, stressing that the ministry will guarantee a space for each holder of an innovative project, especially after “reviewing the space rental policy for this category and the trend towards canceling the previously imposed symbolic prices, in order to turn these innovative ideas into a marketable product.”

Regarding the opening of new majors, the minister replied that the process is subject to several criteria, stressing the ministry’s readiness to study all proposals that are consistent with the goals of “ensuring the quality of education and making graduates ready for the world of work.”

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