Minister of Industry calls on workers to redouble efforts to develop industrial sector

The Minister of Industry Ahmed Zeghdar called upon all workers to intensify efforts and work as one team to develop the industrial sector, highlighting that this sector is “a locomotive for the economy and achieving sustainable development.”

In a speech he delivered on the occasion of the 67th anniversary of the glorious liberation revolution, coinciding with the first of November, Zeghdar stressed “the need to intensify the efforts of everyone and work as a team, in order to raise the challenges that were monitored during the meetings he held with the executives of the central administration and decentralized services to develop the industrial sector”, as stated in a publication of the Ministry.

During this ceremony, which was organized by the trade union branch of the Ministry of Industry, in the presence of the ministry’s employees and executives, the minister thanked all the workers for their efforts to improve the industrial sector, calling for “more sacrifices to be made to contribute to its progress and embody its various programs, stressing his full support for the social partner who plays an important role in achieving the desired goals,” added the same source.

In this context, the Minister recalled the importance of dialogue with the social partner and the moral support it gets from the public authorities.

For their part, the attendees, including the Secretary-General of the Trade Union branch, commended the great sacrifices made by the martyrs of the homeland to make Algeria free and independent, stressing the need to preserve this secretariat by working as one family to meet the challenges and stakes currently facing the industrial sector.

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