Minister of Industry: Dissemination of efficiency contracts and mandatory results at public industrial enterprises to improve governance

Minister of Industry Ahmed Zaghdar confirmed, today, Saturday in Algiers, that efficiency contracts and mandatory results will be distributed at the level of public industrial enterprises in order to improve their governance and activate their role in the national economy.

During his intervention in the government’s meeting with the governors of the republic, which is held under the slogan “economic recovery, regional balance, social justice,” that the public industrial sector “faces, in light of the current economic situation, many difficulties, which requires a review of its work mechanisms in order to activate its role in the national industry and the national economy as a whole.”

To embody this, a number of measures have been taken, foremost of which is the generalization of efficiency contracts and mandatory results for managers, with the support of boards of directors with multidisciplinary competencies and subjecting them to a code of ethics that allows for strengthening monitoring and anticipating crises before they occur, according to Zaghdar’s statements.

These measures also include granting more flexibility in the management of public economic institutions and give managers the freedom to take initiatives.

Work is also underway to re-launch the activities of public economic institutions and units in a state of suspension and to speed up the process of recovering companies subject to judicial seizure to allow them to resume their activities as soon as possible, as well as to re-establish institutional partnership and generalize the establishment of research and development units as well as creativity laboratories to promote innovation, in cooperation with the higher education sector and scientific research.

In parallel, the Ministry is working in coordination with other sectors to promote exports of industrial products by improving logistics bases and banking accompaniment abroad for exporting public economic institutions that have the ability to export.

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