Minister of Industry: Integration between sectors necessary to raise challenge of economic efficiency

Industry Minister Ahmed Zeghdar stressed today, Wednesday, in Annaba, the importance of integration between the various sectors “to raise the challenge of economic efficiency and enable institutions to position themselves in the cycle of fruitful and wealth-generating activity.” 

During his visit, accompanied by the Ministers of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Abdelbaki Benzyane and Transport Aissa Bekai, to the National Corporation for the Production of Railway Equipment and Supplies “Ferrovial”, within the framework of the second day of a working visit and an inspection of his sector in Annaba, the minister explained that “the integration between different sectors within the framework of an economic partnership will ensure the development of the institution and its transformation into an effective partner in the economic system.” 

He considered the economic results achieved at Ferrovial Foundation as “a model to follow to meet the challenge of economic efficiency,” stressing the importance of integration and cooperation between economic units in various sectors in order to create wealth and employment opportunities. 

In this context,  the Minister appreciated Ferrovial’s tendency to diversify its products to meet the needs of many sectors of activity, noting that the containers that were once imported are now produced locally thanks to the efforts of the Ferrovial Foundation, relying entirely on the raw material produced by the El Hadjar compound. 

He added that the production of containers locally “contributes to giving impetus to the economic recovery program, of which export is one of its strategic branches.” 

The Minister of Industry, accompanied by the Ministers of Higher Education and Scientific Research, as well as Transport, supervised the inauguration of new industrial equipment that was completed within the framework of the partnership between the same institution and the Industrial Technology Research Center. 


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