Minister of Industry: Removing obstacles to investments to include ongoing projects

The process of removing obstacles to investments, which is currently limited to completed projects that have not been launched for administrative reasons, will also be extended to ongoing projects, according to Industry Minister Ahmed Zeghdar.

Mr. Zeghdar indicated in an interview with the Algerian News Agency, that he gave instructions at the last meeting of the National Committee in charge of monitoring outstanding investment projects that he chairs, about “the need to expedite the study of the files (concerning the completed projects), so that we will then expand our work and take care of the investment projects that are still underway and which face difficulties for their completion”.

The minister underlined, in the same context, that the counting operation for these projects has already begun and their number has so far reached 728 projects underway scattered over 28 provinces, stressing that the process is continuing to count all these projects that face difficulties across the country’s 58 provinces.

The National Committee in charge of monitoring outstanding investment projects is made-up of the secretaries-general of nine ministries involved in the investment process, namely the Interior, Finance, Energy and Mines, Agriculture, Housing, Tourism, Pharmaceutical Industry, Environment and Water Resources.

The committee’s work has so far been limited to lifting restrictions on investment projects that have been completed at 100 percent and have not been exploited for several reasons, especially administrative ones.

Parallel to the work of the National Committee, provincial committees are also monitoring and lifting restrictions that impede the entry of investment projects into exploitation at the local level, they are made-up of the same sectors and headed by the governor.

Accordingly, the lifting of obstacles is carried out through coordinating work between the local committees and the National Committee, as well as the mediator of the Republic, according to the explanations provided by Mr. Zeghdar.

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