Minister of Interior stresses need to complete development process of the country’s capital

The Minister of Interior, Local Authorities and Urban Planning, Kamel Beldjoud, stressed the need to complete the development process of the capital Algiers, as the facade of the country, and to ensure the improvement of the living conditions of the population.

In an orientation speech he delivered on the occasion of the installation of the new governor of Algiers, Ahmed Maabad, the Interior Minister said that his personal supervision of the installation ceremony “confirms the care granted by the state to complete the development process of the country’s capital and move towards a modern approach based on innovation, efficiency and participation, away from the routine and classic methods that does not live up to the prospects and challenges that this province holds.”

He added that the citizens of the capital “aspire to improve their living conditions and raise the level of public services, especially those related to the cleanliness of the environment, urban development, educational and health facilities, as well as transportation and other vital proximity facilities.”

In this regard, Mr. Beldjoud referred to the problem of traffic jam in the capital and said that it represents “one of the challenges that must be taken into account with utmost care,” as it has become necessary to “find structural and permanent solutions, away from circumstantial solutions that have proven ineffective,” suggesting in this context, the inclusion of modern means and technologies, the modernization of transport plans, and the use, if necessary, of foreign expertise of the most important capitals of the world.

He deemed that facing up to major risks and preventing their effects is “one of the important challenges facing Algiers, such as floods, landslides and earthquakes,” calling for “the necessity of mobilizing all human and material resources on a permanent basis to preserve the security of people and properties, especially by activating all rescue schemes and ensuring rigorously their constant update, speed and effectiveness.

He called, on the occasion, for “opening a think-tank with the participation of specialized experts and researchers to update the inventory of all areas exposed to risks and to propose practical measures in the short and medium term to avoid its consequences on the environment and its effects on infrastructure.”

In this regard, the minister stressed the need to “maintain the level of caution and vigilance regarding the prevention of the Corona virus,” urging the new governor to “intensify awareness-raising campaigns towards citizens while putting in place the necessary logistical and human means across the various neighborhoods of the city.”

Mr. Beldjoud added that “reviving the local economic dynamic represents one of the challenges that formed the core of the instructions of the President of the Republic by encouraging investment, supporting investors and simplifying administrative procedures in a way that contributes to creating wealth and jobs,”.

He considered that achieving this would be through “the continuous development of Algiers in accordance with a modern, futuristic and forward-looking view that responds to international standards at different levels.”

Evoking participatory democracy in the conduct of public affairs, Mr. Beldjoud said that it remains “one of the objectives that the public authorities seek to achieve by relying on openness to citizens of various groups and listening to their concerns and hopes and involving them in controlling development prospects in the country’s capital in accordance with a constructive consultative relationship with the people’s representatives, including Mps, elected representatives, civil society, specialized university researchers, and representatives of the national and local media.”

He concluded by saying that this democracy “will be consolidated with the new elected municipal and provincial councils, which will be held on November 27, thus allowing our country to complete the process of institutional building initiated by the President of the Republic adding that the new elected representatives will be partners of the local authorities in drawing up the implementing local development policies, as per the confidence placed in them by the people.

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