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Minister of Justice calls for joint efforts to fight corruption

The Minister of Justice, Keeper of the Seals, Abderrachid Tabi called, Monday in Algiers, to combine efforts and mobilize all legal and human means to fight against the phenomenon of corruption.

The Minister spoke before the members of the Council of the Nation, during a session devoted to the presentation and debate of two bills relating to the organization of the High Transparency Authority and the Commercial Code, chaired by Salah Gudjil.

The fight against the phenomenon of corruption requires “the mobilization of all, in particular civil society, called upon to fully play its role, in particular with the strong political will to combat this scourge”, specified Mr. Tabi.

“The approach adopted in the fight against corruption comprises two components, the first is that of prevention and the second is linked to coercion,” explained Mr.Tabi.

Law No. 06-01 on the prevention and fight against corruption will be revised during the current year in order to strengthen the provisions relating to the prevention and fight against corruption, but also those relating to the recovery of looted funds,” said the minister.

The expected amendments will focus in particular on “consolidating the principle of protecting whistleblowers and by extension their families”, he argued, in the sense that “anonymous messages have harmed people, institutions and did not serve the national economy in any way”.

Noting that the draft law establishing the organization, composition and attributions of the High Authority for Transparency, Prevention and Fight against Corruption, “takes into consideration the experience of Algeria in the fight against corruption , 15 years after the entry into force of Law 06-01”, the minister indicated that the text in question refers to “the presidential program which places the moralization of the fight against corruption among the priorities, in addition to the international treaties and regional agreements signed by Algeria”.

Regarding the text on the Commercial Code, Mr. Tabi explained that the law in question intervened to organize this sector, encourage young people and support them in the creation of start-ups.

It should be noted that all the interventions of the senators during this session focused on the text relating to the High Transparency Authority, calling for guaranteeing “more protection to whistleblowers and to grant the Authority more prerogatives”.

Before the adjournment of the session, Mr. Goudjil focused on the texts of application of the laws adopted by the parliament, noting the importance of having the texts of application as soon as the laws are adopted by the two chambers of parliament.

The Speaker of the Upper House of Parliament also noted the importance of the complementarity between the legislative and executive powers, in order to have the same vision and the same understanding of the implementation of legislation within the framework of the culture of state for all.

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