Minister of Maritime Fishing: necessity of accompanying ship industry institutions to raise their production capacity

The Minister of Maritime Fishing and Fishing Products, Hichem Sofiane Salaouatchi, stressed, yesterday evening, Monday from Tlemcen, the necessity of accompanying the ship industry establishments and expanding the area of ​​their workshops to raise their production capacity.

In his statement to the press at the port of Hanin during the first day of his visit to the province of Tlemcen, the minister said, “We will accompany and provide facilities to ship industry establishments by expanding the space for ship manufacturing sites and providing them with all capabilities to achieve the desired goals.”

He added, “Among the recommendations of the President of the Republic to advance the marine fishing sector is to contribute to facilitating the work of ship manufacturers so that we can restore national capabilities,” saying, “We have a tremendous ability to expand the area of ​​shipbuilding workshops to double their production capacity, and this comes with the combined efforts of all partners.”

Speaking on aquaculture in the province, the Minister of Fisheries highlighted that an aquaculture project had been launched in Hanin Port, with a production capacity of 600 tons through the cultivation of 1.2 million royal fish.

Mr. Salaouatchi considered that the concession contracts that were registered in the province of Tlemcen for the benefit of investors in the field of aquaculture allowed the total number of such contracts in the province to rise to 18, explaining that the Aquaculture Division will have a prosperous future by doubling this type of operations at the national level to achieve the desired goals and achieve the production of 50 thousand tons per year of fish in this area.

As a reminder, the Minister of Maritime Fishing and Fishing Products inspected the aquaculture project and the shipbuilding workshop in the port of Hanin, and it is expected that during the second day of this visit, he will open the work of the regional meeting on the development of the Fishing Division on the high seas at the Technical Training School for Maritime Fishing and Aquaculture in the Municipality of Ghazaouet and deliver contracts decisions Concession for the benefit of investors in the field of aquaculture.

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