Minister of Mujahideen calls for shedding “more” light on the path of Sheikh Larbi Tebessi

The Minister of Mujahideen and Rights-holders, Laïd Rebigua called on researchers and historians to shed “more” light on the path of one of the pillars of the reform movement in Algeria, martyr Sheikh Larbi Tebessi.

In a symposium organized at the Mujahid Museum on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the kidnapping and martyrdom of Sheikh Larbi Tebessi, Rebigua said: “I call on researchers and historians to shed more light on the path of the honorable Sheikh Larbi Tebessi in the national movement and during the national liberation revolution, with scientific and documentary works that highlight the biography of this historical figure”.

The minister added that martyr, Sheikh Larbi Tebessi “is considered one of the missing people of the revolution, like many others such as Ahmed Bougherra, Djilali Bounaama and Maurice Audin. It concerns the file of the national memory which is followed with utmost seriousness and perseverance.”

He recalled, in this respect, the message of the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Victory Day: in which he said “The heinous crimes of colonialism that will not be forgotten, and will not be time-barred, as there is no other choice but to treat the file of national memory and history with a fair, impartial and responsible manner and in an atmosphere of frankness and trust… We will continue unabated our efforts by insisting on our country’s right to retrieve the archive and clarify the fate of the missing…”.

When recalling the memory of the kidnapping and martyrdom of Sheikh Larbi Tebessi, on this day in 1957, the minister stressed that this man’s stances and values ​​“remain immortal, evoked by generations with pride and dignity.”

The symposium was an opportunity that the Ministry used to highlight the International Day for Awareness of the Mine Danger that the world revives this year under the slogan “Safe Land, Safe Steps, and a Safe Home.” Mr. Rebigua stressed that planting mines is a colonial crime among thousands of other heinous crimes perpetrated against the Algerian people who has been suffering for many years, especially in the border areas, of the physical and psychological effects of the mines planted on the “Challe and Maurice” lines.

He went on to say, “Today, thanks to the People’s National Army, those areas have been cleansed and rehabilitated and became a source of growth after they were forbidden areas that harvested lives and sowed death.”

The same official also reiterated, on this occasion, the state’s efforts to take care of the concerns of the victims of mines and civilian victims, through the promotion of social and health services in their favor.

At the end of the symposium, the Minister of Mujahideen and rights holders honored a number of Mujahideen and lecturers.

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