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Minister of National Education: Success rate “encouraging” and will have “positive impact” on next year schooling

Minister of National Education, Abdelhakim Belabed, described, today, Thursday, the success rate in the baccalaureate exam, session 2021, as “good and encouraging,” stressing that it will have a “positive impact” on the upcoming school year.

In a press interview devoted to announcing the official results of this exam, the minister explained that the success rate reached 61.17 percent at the national level, after it was decided to reduce the success mark in this exam to 9.5 out of 20 due to health and psychological considerations related to the outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic.

Mr. Belabed highlighted that the baccalaureate “is the only national exam in which the decision to transfer or fail is limited to the passing rate at the expense of the general average obtained during the school year,” declaring on this occasion, that “this year it was decided to reduce baccalaureate passing mark to 9.5 out of 20”.

The minister pointed out that this decision “also allowed an increase in the national success rate by 5.9 percent,” considering that the achievement of these results did not “come by chance,” but came in return for the efforts made by everyone, both in terms of organization and the state’s guarantee of all educational and pedagogical work requirements. In order to continue studying, the sector also sponsors the entire educational family.”

On this occasion, he called on parents not to go to educational institutions to see the results of their children in the event of obtaining results via mobile phone, in order to avoid overcrowding in institutions, noting that secondary school principals are required to ensure the implementation of the health protocol.

During the past two years, the Ministry of Education had taken a number of measures, mainly reducing the weekly hourly volume to 50 percent, ensuring the promotion and distancing across institutions, and adapting the curricula to achieve the set goals, especially since this year is the second in which the baccalaureate is organized within Covid-19 crisis context.

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