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Minister of Pharmaceutical Industry: Covid-19 vaccine to be produced in Algeria

Minister of Pharmaceutical Industry, Lotfi Benbahmed, revealed today that the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmajid Tebboune had given strict instructions to provide all material and human means to localize the production of Coronavirus vaccine in Algeria.

Talking as a guest on the Algerian TV main news bulletin, Benbahmed explained that concerned authorities conducted discussions and negotiations with the Russian partner to identify the most successful ways to produce, in significant quantities, Sputnik V vaccine in Algeria.

On this occasion, the Minister declared that the Russian side showed its full and complete readiness to accompany Algeria in producing the vaccine by transferring technology here in the country, adding that an agreement of partnership had already been concluded between the National Medicines Agency and its Russian counterpart. The agreement of partnership includes many details, such as how to monitor and register the manufacturing of this vaccine and several other matters related to training and technology transfer.

Mr. Benbahmed added that this partnership comes within the framework of following instructions included in the President of the Republic program to revive national economy.

According to the same official, Algeria has adopted the local production path as an alternative and successful solution to cover national needs, especially in pharmaceutical materials, which allows achieving security, economic and health sovereignty.

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