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Minister of Pharmaceutical Industry: Production of anti-Covid-19 vaccine by “Saidal” starts September 29

The Minister of Pharmaceutical Industry, Abderrahmane Lotfi Djamel Benbahmed, stated that the first quantities of anti-Covid-19 vaccine “Coronavac” will be produced at the production unit of “Saidal” public complex in Constantine on September 29.

Benbahmed confirmed yesterday, Friday, that he “expects to start the actual production of the anti-Covid-19 vaccine on September 29,” explaining that the expectations are betting on the production of 1 million doses next October, two million (2) doses in November, three (3) million doses in December, and more than 5.3 million doses starting from January 2022.

The minister indicated that Coronavac vaccine will be produced at the production station of the “Saidal” complex in Constantine, in cooperation with the Chinese pharmaceutical company “Sinovac”, adding that the production capacities of this unit are estimated at 320,000 doses per day over 8 hours, which is equivalent to (08) million doses per month.

In the same regard, the minister stated, “We have a record of burdens to produce 65 million doses annually, and therefore we can reach this production without the need to raise production capacities (over 16 hours) or resort to other production units, reassuring that “Algeria can reach the production of 200 million doses annually through Saidal unit in Constantine.”

He also went on to say, “Algeria has industrial and human capabilities that enable it to respond to the country’s needs and the needs of many countries on the African continent.”

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