Minister of Religious Affairs supervises in Algiers the opening of the Quranic education season

The Minister of Religious Affairs and Endowments, Youcef Belmahdi, supervised, today, Friday, in the Belkaidiya Zawia in Bir Khadem (Algiers), the launch of the academic season for Quranic education 2023/2022.

In his speech on the occasion, Mr. Belmahdi stressed that “the higher authorities in the country attach great importance to Quranic schools and zawiyas, because these facilities represent the dedication of the Algerian identity in architecture and construction, not to mention their role in the generalization of Quranic education and the preservation of the Arabic language and the national religious reference.”

In the same context, the minister praised “the role of benefactors who contribute across all provinces of the country in building and equipping these structures, which are an addition to serving the religion and the Book of God Almighty.”

Belmahdi considered that Algeria, which lived yesterday a “historic day” by embracing Palestinian national reconciliation, “is also living today, coinciding with the commemoration of the Prophet’s birthday, a blessed day, with the inauguration and opening of four Quranic schools in the capital, which will constitute a new edifice in Quranic education in Algeria.”

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