Minister of Solidarity to the Algerian Television: The issue of wasteful practices is a very negative phenomenon and we call on housewives to rationalize expenses

Minister of National Solidarity, Family and Women’s Condition, Kaoutar Krikou, revealed yesterday that organizing an awareness-raising and information day in coordination with the Algerian TV on the dangers of wasteful practices under the slogan “Let us fast in solidarity … without waste” comes with a view to the negative phenomena that have become recurrent among Algerians regarding wasting food and bread during The Holy Month of Ramadan.

Hosted with the Minister of Religious Affairs during the awareness day organized by the Algerian TV, Ms. Krikou explained that her services have taken proactive measures through social investigations through community cells that have conducted investigations at the municipal and regional levels as part of awareness caravans initiated for the benefit of many families during the health crisis, adding that through contact with families, this phenomenon was detected among Algerian families, we therefore decided to launch an awareness campaign in this regard.

The minister explained that this information day comes within the framework of “the awareness campaigns that the ministry has been carrying out on various topics of concern to the family and society in general.”

She added that the awareness campaign against wasteful practices is primarily directed at housewives, who are considered the ones who manage the household budget and sensitize them, as they are the focus of organization and good management within the family, and a balance factor that can raise awareness of family members to reduce these negative behaviors.

Krikou also announced the launch of another awareness campaign during the month of Ramadan, in coordination with the Ministry of Religious Affairs and the Trade Ministry to reduce this phenomenon.

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