Minister of Sports stresses the necessity of reviving youth and sports movement at national level

Minister of Youth and Sports, Abdelrezzak Sebkak, stressed the need to revive the youth and sports movement in all the provinces of the country and restore the sports system to the right track, during his meeting in Algiers with the provinces directors of youth and sports at the national level.

The first official in charge of the youth and sports sector held a coordination meeting, accompanied by the provinces directors of youth and sports at the national level, to study ways to develop the sector and revitalize the youth and sports movement.

Sebkak said, on this occasion: “We met today to study the strategy that our sector must stand on to advance the field of youth and sports, our sector, which we see is declining little by little. Everyone must work to bring positive change to society and our children.”

Addressing the province directors of youth and sports, he added: “You are required in each province to work intensively to develop the sector and to discuss ways to promote sports and athletes, who constitute two-thirds of the population.”

He continued: “In the past, when the capabilities were not available and the equipment was not available, Algerian athletes were crowned with medals in various forums. Today, you must take advantage of all the facilities available at the national level and pave the way for young people to practice their activities and sports. I do not want dry activities to justify the financial and literary reports at the end of the year.”

For their part, a number of directors of youth and sports for the newly created provinces of the south demanded the necessity of accompanying by the guardianship ministry through qualified technical supervision, and the provision of specialized executives to cultivate and accompany young talents, in addition to continuous training and reopening the continuous training program to ensure a reliable elite in international forums.

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