Minister of the Mujahideen: The demonstrations of December 11, 1960 constituted a decisive station in the course of the revolution and ended the illusion that “Algeria is French”

Minister of Mujahideen and People with Rights, Laïd Rabigua, affirmed that the demonstrations of December 11, 1960 was a decisive step in the history of the armed struggle of the Algerian people and completely destroyed the illusion of “French Algeria” inside and outside the national territory.

He also expressed his certainty that the statements of the President of the Republic “were clear in this regard, especially when he affirmed that Algeria’s dealing with the files of history and memory should be in the spirit of responsibility required by the objective and impartial treatment of the issue with the aim of linking the present with the past and foreseeing the future through the communication of generations within the major determinants of identity and its components.”

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