Minister of Tourism urges coastal local communities to show a spirit of entrepreneurship

The Minister of Tourism and Handicrafts, Yacine Hammadi, urged today, Monday local groups in coastal municipalities to contribute more to preparing and organizing the summer season, calling on them to show an entrepreneurial spirit.

During a working visit to inspect the preparations for the summer season, the minister explained that it is “necessary to make an effort to compensate for the lack of means,” calling, if necessary, “to resort to voluntary campaigns to ensure cleanliness, revitalization, and the reception of vacationers on the beaches.”

Hammadi praised the efforts devoted at the level of the beaches of the province of Bejaïa, which gave results that he described as “wonderful.”

For reference, most of the heads of the municipal people’s councils, who, despite their lack of means, used associations and a number of public bodies, to clean and rid almost the entire coast of the province of dirt and impurities.

Hammadi saluted the “positive change that occurred on the beaches”, during his inspection of the coastal strip, in the far east of the province, to Bejaia, at a distance of about 30 km.

The cleaning operations in which the forestry, public works and local groups contributed through the recruitment of various means, equipment and trucks, were the completion of preparation works for all the beaches of the province and the cleaning of the forest areas that are located near them, the maintenance of trees and the demolition of the random huts installed in them.

More than 4,000 volunteers recruited by the Directorate of Youth, Sports, Municipalities and Association Movement participated in these works, which also included the preparation of paths to the beaches, the designation of car parks and the areas designated for running by concession, in parallel with the construction of hiking trails.

All of these preparations predict a promising 2022 summer season for hotel owners and other tourism professionals who have suffered greatly from the repercussions of the health crisis of Covid 19 and are eager to restore their commercial smile.

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