Minister of Transport: Launch transporting iron waste by train between M’sila and Bejaia port

Transport Minister Issa Bakay announced today, Monday, the launch of the operation of transporting iron waste containers from M’sila to the Bejaia port via railways.

In a statement to the press on the sidelines of the official launch ceremony of the program to convert 150,000 vehicles into LPG fuel, Mr. Bakai affirmed that “the waste will be transported from a factory specialized in collecting iron waste located in M’sila province to the port of Bejaia with the aim of exporting it.”

The minister also stated that other operations are scheduled in the same context, and they concern the complexes of Al Hadjar, Tousyali and Bellara, whose waste will be transported to the ports of Annaba, Oran and Djen Djen.

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