Minister of Transport stresses importance of upgrading the work of Algerian ports to international standards

Minister of Transport, Issa Bakay, stressed the importance of upgrading the work of Algerian ports to internationally applicable standards and integrating the national economy into its regional and international environment, which contributes to the development of foreign trade and the reviving of exports, according to a statement by the ministry.

These recommendations came during a meeting presided over by Bakay at the ministry’s headquarters, attended by the ministry’s executives, the president and general manager of port services complex, chiefs and general managers of ports of Annaba, Djendjen, Oran and Algiers, as well as the Secretary-General of the National Federation of Port Workers and members of its office, adds the same source.

This meeting, held last Thursday, is part of a series of meetings held by the Minister of Transport with social partners, according to the ministry.

During this meeting, a “wide discussion” was opened about the situation of various Algerian ports and the concerns of workers expressed by the social partner by putting forward a number of proposals to improve working conditions, preserve jobs and develop the performance of ports and their stability.

The meeting also tackled, according to the same statement, a number of legal texts governing port activity, in particular Executive Decree No. 99-199 of August 18, 1999, which defines the model basic law for the port authority.

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