Ministry of Agriculture: Application of new reference prices for fertilizers

The new measure to raise reference prices for subsidized fertilizers recently approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and rural development comes into force on Friday.

This action comes in light of the high prices of agricultural inputs on the international market and their impact on the national market.

The new prices were implemented on the basis of an instruction to agriculture departments across the 58 provinces of the country; the instruction includes an illustrative table of the new reference prices for all types of fertilizers subsidized by the government.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development recently announced an increase in the reference price of fertilizers (on the basis of which the rate of government subsidy is determined) to 8,000 DA per quintal compared to 3,700 DA per quintal previously, due to the significant rise in the price of these agricultural inputs on the world market, where a quintal is sold at 14,000 DA.

This urgent measure was taken by the Ministry for farmers of the various agricultural sectors impacted by the surge in world market prices to enable them to start the agricultural season in good conditions.

In this context, a framework convention has been signed between the Algerian Interprofessional Office of Cereals (OAIC) and the industrial group of fertilizers and phytosanitary products “Asmidal” to reinforce production, ensure the availability on the market of locally produced fertilizers and also to reduce the reliance on the import of these essential inputs to increase production and productivity.

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