Ministry of Commerce allows export of recycled products from metal wastes

The Ministry of Commerce announced, in a statement today, Thursday, the liberalization of the export of materials and manufactured products from the recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous metals waste.

“The Ministry of Commerce informs all economic operators active in the field of collecting, transforming and recycling waste of ferrous and non-ferrous metals that the export of finished and manufactured products and materials has been allowed” the ministry’s statement said.

As for the semi-manufactured materials, the ministry stated that they were released according to a regulatory framework that was established in coordination and consultation between the sectors of trade, environment, industry and finance, which included three main axes, represented in subjecting exporters of materials and manufactured products primarily from waste ferrous and non-ferrous metals to subscribing to a book of conditions and subjecting the export of these materials to an export license to be granted by departments at Ministry of Trade, as well as determining customs tariff items subject to this procedure.

This procedure, explains the ministry’s statement, aims to “develop this division and ensure its continuous and permanent growth in internal and external markets, with the aim of encouraging investment in this activity and creating a new export division in order to contribute to increasing the volume of exports outside hydrocarbon sector.”

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