Ministry of Commerce: More than 117 thousand violations recorded during the first ten months of 2021

The services of the Ministry of Commerce recorded more than 117 thousand violations during the first ten months of the current year 2021, according to the latest outcome of the activities of economic control and the suppression of fraud at the national market level.

The same outcome showed that between January and October, the Ministry’s departments recorded 1 481 346 interventions that enabled the supervision services to inspect 117 272 violations, an increase of 38.8 percent compared to the same period of the past year 2020.

In this context, the interventions allowed the disclosure of a hidden business figure estimated at 64,479 billion DA linked to issuing fake invoices and forged invoices, compared to 66.3 billion DA in 2020, a decrease of 2.7 percent.

This significant decline in the number of closing certificates and the value of the seizures is explained by “the commitment of merchants to the laws and procedures in force in the field of conducting their commercial activity on the one hand, and to the procedures followed in relation to the response to the outbreak of Coronavirus and the sensitivity and awareness measures it included before passing to deterrence, on the other hand.”

Regarding the distribution of the efforts of the services of the Ministry of Commerce according to the nature of the monitoring, the outcome shows that the supervisory agents registered 764,452 interventions in the field of monitoring the practice of commercial activities, during which 81,172 violations were inspected, resulting in the issuance of 78,171 judicial follow-up reports.

In parallel with the monitoring carried out within the framework of the field intervention, control services have collected samples for microbiological and physicochemical analyzes of some foodstuffs with wide consumption and non-food items, to ensure their compliance with the applicable specifications and standards.

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