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Ministry of Commerce publishes figures on quantities of oil produced by five economic operators in Algeria

Ministry of Commerce revealed today, Wednesday, details on the quantities of table oil produced during the period from January to the first fortnight of April 2021.

The quantity of table oil produced during the first half of the current month of April reached 48,701 tons, which covers the needs of a whole month of this product estimated at 48 thousand tons, according to statistics issued by the services of the Ministry of Commerce. A copy of which has been obtained by APS.

The production capacity of table oil in Algeria is about 3500 tons / day, compared to an estimated daily consumption of 1600 tons, according to the ministry.

The quantities produced during the period from March to the first fortnight of April for various brands were estimated at 116,348 tons, which cover consumer needs for a period of two months and 12 days.

Table oil has recently known “some issues in the distribution chain, not in production,” according to the ministry, which indicated that the amount of production for last March amounted to 67,647 tons against monthly consumption needs estimated at 48,000 tons, a difference of 19,647 tons.

The ministry stressed that the stock of the raw material during the last period (up to April 19, 2021) for the five production units was estimated at 108,518 tons.

Referring to an attached table of the Ministry’s statistics, showing the actual production quantities for each brand separately, it is noted that the amount of table oil production during the first fortnight of the current month of April (15 days), for the (SIM) brand, reached 8,884 tons, and (Cevital) 25,429 tons, (Afia) 4,438 tons, (La Belle) 2,020 tons and (Prolipos) 7,930 tons, which constitutes a total production of 48,701 tons sufficient to cover the needs of a whole month.

It is worth noting that the control services of the Ministry of Commerce managed during the period from March 4 to April 21 this year to seize a quantity of 92 tons of table oil stored for the purpose of speculation.

Economic operators January 2021 February 2021 March 2021 First fortnight of April 2021
SIM 16,207 Tons 9,500 Tons 17,938 Tons 8,884 Tons
Cevital 34,010 Tons 29,790 Tons 19,507 Tons 25,429 Tons
Afia 7,373 Tons 2,784 Tons 2,691 Tons 4,438 Tons
La Belle 3,159 Tons 4,400 Tons 4,900 Tons 2,020 Tons
Prolipos 6,898 Tons 3,862 Tons 3,627 Tons 7,930 Tons
Total 67,647 Tons 51,986 Tons 52,249 Tons 48,701 Tons

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