Ministry of Culture and Arts: Bendouda submits two draft executive decrees

Minister of Culture and Arts, Malika Bendouda submitted two draft executive decrees today during the meeting of the government members meeting.

The first project is related to the establishment of the cultural fold of the mountain oasis system “The Aures” and the delineation of its borders.

The barn is a unique and original space characterized by the predominance and importance of cultural heritage that goes deep in prehistoric times to the present day, and which is inseparable from its natural surroundings, which are distinguished by the diversity of plants and animals.

The second project includes the establishment of the Diwan of the cultural fold of the mountain oases system “Al-Auras”, its organization and functioning.

One of the main tasks of this office is the protection, preservation and valorization of the cultural and natural heritage within the territory of the cultural barn, especially with regard to preparing the general plan for preparing the barn.

The procedure falls within the framework of preparing a map of the national parks to protect the cultural and plant heritage as well as the historical heritage. The government is working on preparing the file to include the barns in the UNESCO World Heritage.

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