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Ministry of Defense: Detection and destruction of 15 terrorist caches and the arrest of 6 support elements within a week

People’s National Army units, uncovered and destroyed 15 hideouts of terrorist groups and arrested six elements of support for terrorist groups, during the period that extends from April 7th till the 13th of the same month, according to a report of the People’s National Army operational division, released today, Wednesday.

In the context of combating terrorism, detachments of the People’s National Army exposed and destroyed during the aforementioned period, “15 hideouts of terrorist groups in Mila, Boumerdes and Chlef”, while “06 elements of support for terrorist groups in Djelfa were arrested.”

As for the fight against organized crime and “continuing the relentless efforts aimed at eliminating the scourge of drug trafficking in the country, joint detachments of the People’s National Army, in coordination with various security services, have arrested 40 drug dealers.”

It also seized, in separate operations across various military districts, “huge quantities of treated kif, estimated at (24) quintals and (23) kilograms, which criminal groups attempted to smuggle across the border with Morocco.”

In this regard, it was indicated that “detachments of the People’s National Army, agents of the National Gendarmerie and the Border Guards in the second and third military regions, during separate operations, arrested 14 drug dealers and seized 24 quintals and 10 kilograms of treated kif.

In the same context, “26 drug dealers were arrested and 13 kilograms of the same substance were seized, along with 45,133 hallucinogen pills in various operations across other military areas,” says the same sources.

On the other hand, “Detachments of the People’s National Army in Tamanrasset, In Guezzam, Bordj Badji Mokhtar and Djanet, arrested 352 people and seized 15 vehicles, 203 electric generators, 138 pressure hammers and explosive devices, as well as other equipment used in illegal gold exploration, in addition to 36 bags of a mixture of raw gold and stones.

“3,550 tons of various food products,” as well as “76,25 quintals of tobacco and 203,568 units of fireworks,” were seized during separate operations carried out in El Oued and Batna.

In another context, “border guards thwarted attempts to smuggle large quantities of fuel, estimated at 9455 liters, in Tebessa, al-Taref, and Souk Ahras, while 48 illegal immigrants of different nationalities were arrested in Bachar, al-Bayadh, Tlemcen, Naâma, Djanet, and Tebessa.”

All of these above-mentioned operations are part of the “efforts aimed at enhancing security and tranquility in various parts of the country,” and their results confirm the “high professionalism and permanent readiness of our armed forces in protecting our country from all forms of security threats and related nuisance,” according to the same source.

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