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Ministry of Defense: Elimination of two terrorists and the arrest of two others

Detachments of the People’s National Army managed, today, Saturday, to eliminate terrorists and arrest two others, following a “tight” ambush in a specific operation near the southern border strip in the operational sector of In Guezzam, according to a statement by the Ministry of National Defense.

During this specific operation, the same source adds, “heavy weapons and other equipment were recovered, including four Toyota station wagons (burnt), three 12.7 mm heavy machine guns (burnt), an FMPK machine gun (burnt), Six PMAK machine guns (burned), one Kalashnikov PMAK machine gun in good condition, an unknown type machine gun (burnt), an RPG-7 rocket launcher (burned) and an SVD sniper rifle (burned).

A Thuraya phone, two smart mobile phones, and two mobile phones were also recovered.

This qualitative operation comes to confirm once again the determination and vigilance of the People’s National Army forces to protect our borders, purify our country from the scourge of terrorism, and extend security and tranquility throughout the country,” indicates the statement of the Ministry of National Defense.


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