Ministry of Fisheries and Fishing Products confirms abundance of sardines at “very competitive prices”

The Ministry of Fisheries and Fishing Products confirmed today, Tuesday that the national markets are witnessing these days a “great abundance” of sardines at “very competitive” prices across various provinces of the country.

The statement indicated that “The markets are witnessing a great abundance of sardines at very competitive prices that matches the purchasing power of the consumer,” noting that the sea fishing ports will witness in the recent period significant quantities of blue fish, especially sardines.

This abundance in production coincides with the beginning of the fishing season, which extends from May to the end of October of each year, in addition to the improvement of climatic conditions, which facilitated the activity of sea fishing vessels, the statement adds.

The selling prices of the sardines at port ranged between 100 and 350 dinars per kilogram, according to the quality of the product, while the prices in the markets, street vendors and fishery products shops ranged between 150 and 450 Algerian dinars, according to the ministry.

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