Ministry of Foreign Affairs celebrates the National Day of the Mujahid

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Community abroad celebrated, Sunday, the National Day of  Mudjahid marking the double anniversary of the offensive of North Constantine and the Congress of Summam (20 August 1955-1956). The Minister was accompanied by the adviser of the President of the Republic in charge of national archives and memory, the Director General of the National Archives, Abdelmadjid Chikhi, laid a wreath of flowers in front of the stele commemorating the Martyrs of the war of liberation. The national anthem was performed followed by reciting El Fatiha in memory of the martyrs.

In a speech delivered on this occasion, the Director General of Communication and Documentation, Ambassador Noureddine Sidi Abed said that “all the Algerian people stand as one man against all plots and conspiracies to destabilize Algeria and undermine its security and unity”. His Excellency added that “In addition to human and material losses and psychological sequels suffered by the French occupier, the offensive of North Constantinois under the leadership of the valiant martyr Zighoud Youcef and his brothers in arms has achieved fundamental gains “.

The offensive, continue His Excellency “was also a message to the French and international public opinion through which the Algerian people affirmed its commitment to the choice of the armed struggle and the ability of the Mujahedin of the National Liberation Army (ALN) to inflict a defeat on the French army.

“The Congress held in Ifri Ouzellaguen in Oued Soummam on August 20, 1956 reflected the genius of the revolution in planning and administration, where the leaders of the revolution met for the first time since the outbreak of the revolution on November 1, 1954, “he said.

He called for ” greater efforts and vigilance to protect our country and the achievements of our Revolution and preserve the precious legacy of our shouhada: a unified and strong Algeria “.

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