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Ministry of Health prepares guide for post-Covid-19 stage

Ministry of Health, Population and Hospital Reform has prepared a guide for post-Covid-19 care for health users, especially those involved in the process of caring for and directing patients who show persistent symptoms after getting infected with this virus, as announced today, Thursday, by the Secretary-General of the Ministry, Abdelkader Saihi.

The guide will also allow health users to identify, assess and care for patients as well as manage the long-term effects of COVID-19.

The document, prepared with a multidisciplinary approach, provides guidance on dealing with people of all ages in all health structures developing new or persistent symptoms four or more weeks after infection.

In this context, Professor Amar Toubaibia stressed in an intervention entitled “A comparison of post-Covid-19 examination and assurance” that “we can’t predict” how the Covid-19 virus will develop, which sometimes generates “disabling” physical and mental consequences.

He noted the emergence of permanent and inexplicable symptoms that may “prevent social and professional integration” of a person with post-Covid-19 syndrome.

This specialist in internal medicine stressed the need for early care for patients with post-Covid-19 symptoms, stressing the importance of giving “special care” to elderly people and children, even if the appearance of post-Covid-19 symptoms is “rare” in this category.

In the same context, he said that the impact of Covid-19 on mental health is “important”, as mental complications were observed in some people infected with the virus.

Prof. Noura Liani, for her part, stressed the need for a full non clinical examination with the aim of deciding the medical ability to work being infected with the virus, as “this regulation allows to anticipate medical and social problems, especially since some of the consequences of infection by Covid-19 may result in the patient being unable to carry out his professional activity.

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