Ministry of Higher Education calls for accurate assessment of health status in each university

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research called on officials of institutions affiliated with the sector to conduct an “accurate and comprehensive” assessment of the health situation in the university institution to take the decision corresponding to the situation of each university institution, whether to suspend lessons, change their pattern for a specific period, or postpone exams, according to a pess release issued by the same ministry.

In a dispatch addressed to directors of institutions of higher education and scientific research and the Director-General of the National Office for University Services, the ministry called « the local cell in charge of following up on the progress of the 2021-2022 university year to meet under the chairmanship of the director of the university institution, directors of university services and representatives of social partners, in order to conduct an accurate and comprehensive assessment of the health situation at the University, as part of the implementation of the decisions announced during the extraordinary meeting held yesterday, Wednesday, headed by the President of the Republic, and dedicated to assessing the epidemiological situation in the country. »

The same source pointed out that “the assessment should include the situation at the level of all units of the university institution (faculties, institutes and departments) and lead to taking the appropriate decisions for each situation such as suspending lessons or changing their pattern for a specific period from in-person education to distance education, postponing exams for a specified period or Reprogrammed according to another adapted calendar.

Among the arrangements taken – according to the same source – “informing students of all available means of publication and communication and assuring them of reprogramming exams for students who are unable to take them because of their infection with the Covid-19 virus, according to organizational measures taken by the competent university administration, as well as postponing the organization of all forms of gatherings such as meetings, seminars and forums within the spaces of university and research institutions and university service facilities, respect for health prevention measures within the university environment, including access to various facilities, especially the obligatory wearing of masks by professors, students, workers and other companions, regular sterilization of spaces and structures, and ventilation inside halls and structures.

In the same regard, the Ministry stressed the importance “to continue the process of vaccination within the university community for the benefit of members of the university family and to intensify the awareness-raising activity with all available media and communication while maintaining the normal functioning of the scientific, pedagogical and administrative bodies of the university institution in order to ensure the interests of students, professors and the head, whose work must be adhered to respecting the health measures.

The directors of higher education and scientific research institutions and the Director-General of the National Office for University Services are asked to inform their services in real time of all the measures that might be taken after conducting the assessment and the results of the meetings held with the follow-up cell, and called for the preparation of a daily tally of possible cases of Covid-19 infection in the university community across the floor Accessible via the following link:

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