Ministry of Industry launches operation of recycling used paper in sector’s departments

Ministry of Industry launched an operation to recycle used paper at its central administration, as well as the departments of the affiliated bodies and industrial groups, according to the ministry statement.

The recovered paper will be directed to “Tonic” company to produce paper, which will recycle it as a raw material for the production of its various paper products, the same source adds.

During a meeting, which brought together all the departments of the ministry, to explain the steps of the recovery process, the Minister of Industry, Ahmed Zeghdar, praised this initiative, which falls within the framework of waste valuation and the green economy.

Zegdar also stressed, “the need to respect the legal procedures related to the disposal of administrative and archive documents after they have been digitized.”

The ministry explained that given the nature of its activities, departments and bodies constitute an important resource for paper waste, the valuation of which allows reducing imports of raw materials used in paper production.

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