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Ministry of Industry organizes meeting on circular economy next Tuesday

Ministry of Industry will organize, next Tuesday, a meeting on circular economy under the theme “Circular Economy, a lever for reviving National Economy” at the Ministry’s headquarters, in the presence of a number of specialized experts, in order to lay the foundations for preparing a roadmap to improve the competitiveness of industrial enterprises, according to a statement issued today by the Ministry.

This event, which will be chaired by the Minister of Industry, Mr. Mohamed Bacha, and in which representatives of relevant national institutions and bodies and industrialists active in branches with strong environmental and economic impacts, will “lay foundations for the preparation of a realistic roadmap in the medium and long term, to improve the competitiveness of industrial enterprises.

The circular economy, according to the Ministry’s clarifications, constitutes “a powerful lever to improve the efficiency of the industrial sector in terms of the competitiveness of enterprises, through the provision of raw materials, energy and water, and the reduction of waste resulting from this sector, as well as the improvement of the use of industrial waste related to the purification, recycling and storage of national productive tool.

Therefore, the industry sector – assures the ministry – “would contribute effectively to reducing the environmental impacts and carbon emissions resulting from industrial activities in addition to waste valuation.”

This meeting will be an opportunity to highlight the stakes of circular economy, which is an effective model for reducing the waste of natural resources and greenhouse gas emissions, and to evaluate the efficacy of technological options and clean techniques for valuing waste and extending its life cycle through its valorization, according to the same statement.

The meeting will also allow to discuss the conditions and modalities of technological rehabilitation of existing structures and increasing the effectiveness of the technical process, as well as evaluating institution’s support mechanism for the rehabilitation of industrial production tools and the dissemination of related standards.

The meeting also aims – according to the same source – to increase the awareness of economic operators about the need to urgently abandon the management models which are resource consuming (mostly imported) and find new ways to compete through the reuse and treatment of waste.

The ministry believes that industrial enterprises must, from now on, “contribute significantly in strengthening the country’s major economic balances in the short term and position itself in the prospects of sustainable growth that allows improving our country’s position internationally.”

Finally, the ministry pointed out that the diversification of the national economy must “be involved in the major trends of the global industry around the green economy and the digital economy and to be organized in order to be integrated into the global value chain, especially in branches with high technological value.”

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