Ministry of Industry: Several measures to ensure transparency in the application of the import system for refurbished production equipment

Ministry of Industry has put in place several measures to ensure transparency in the implementation of the legal framework governing the import of refurbished equipment and production lines, which entered into force last Sunday, according to the ministry.

To regulate the importation of renovated equipment and production lines, the ministry has made the acceptance of import applications by investors subject to several conditions, including verification of their general condition, operability and maintainability.

The new framework is based on the conformity assessment of production chains and equipment before importation carried out by expert offices accredited by the Algerian Accreditation Body (ALGERAC) or other similar bodies in the countries that have signed a mutual accreditation recognition agreement with ALGERAC.

The Ministry of Industry has also set up an a posteriori control mechanism for the importation of renovated production lines and equipment, requiring the operator to provide a certificate of entry into operation of the imported equipment or line, drawn up by a sworn expert residing in Algeria, in order to avoid anarchic importation and the appearance of intermediaries and speculators on the national market.

These conditions make it possible to guarantee transparency and to avoid any excess or misappropriation of the advantages granted by the State, according to the Ministry of Industry.

In addition, the granting of the customs clearance authorization is subject to the presentation of a file comprising in particular a duly completed customs clearance authorization request form, a copy of the commercial register attesting to the activity in relation to the chain and equipment to be imported, a detailed technical sheet of the chain and/or renovated production equipment and a renovation certificate issued by the inspection and control body accredited by the Algerian Accreditation Body or others similar bodies that have signed a mutual accreditation recognition agreement with ALGERAC.

The file also includes a document certifying the acquisition of the chains or equipment at auction or from the entity that transferred the assets or from a transferor company, in addition to a proforma invoice accompanied by the initial purchase invoice of the chain or of the equipment showing the serial numbers of all the elements making up the chain or the equipment or a pro forma invoice of the chain or equivalent equipment in new condition.

The applicant for the import authorization must submit a document attesting, when the activity justifies it, the existence of appropriate infrastructure for the commissioning of the renovated production line or equipment.

To deal with requests submitted by investors for the importation of renovated production lines and equipment, a technical committee is set up with the Minister of Industry, made up of representatives of the Ministries of Industry and Finance and Algerian Accreditation Body (ALGERAC).

This new legal framework which allows the import of refurbished production lines and equipment, including agricultural equipment, comes in a global context marked by a difficult economic situation due to the recession and the health crisis which led to the closure of several factories and production units and their sale at competitive prices.

Thus, this scheme will allow operators to take advantage of the opportunities available on world markets to acquire equipment “that can strengthen production capacities, contribute to the revival of national production and reduce the import bill for equipment” , according to the explanations of the ministry.

The Ministry of Industry has effectively started to receive investors wishing to acquire this equipment to guide them and ensure that they meet all the conditions required for the issuance of import authorizations.

The public authorities are counting on this regime as one of the mechanisms for reviving industrial production, developing and diversifying activities and industrial sectors, creating added value and jobs as part of efforts to boost the economy. and national industry.

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