Ministry of Labor: Extension of social security services and payments until August 31

Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security has taken a series of “extraordinary” measures to ensure that the socially insured, including salary workers, non-salary workers and retired persons, benefit from various services until August 31, 2021, as part of the contribution to the national effort to fight the spread of Coronavirus. According to a statement issued today, Saturday, by the Ministry.

The statement indicated that these measures “are related to extending the in-kind payments services for the benefit of the socially insured and their rights holders affiliated with the National Fund for Social Insurance for Salary Workers, until August 31, 2021, and renewal if necessary.”

These measures also include “the temporary exemption form the obligatory filing of sick leaves within the legal deadlines and the processing of sick leave files on the basis of the submitted documents, as well as the temporary deletion of administrative inspection of sick leave – home inspection – as well as the suspension of summoning work accident victims and witnesses as part of the procedures for handling work accident files and continuing the payment of disability grants and the proceeds of work accidents and expired occupational diseases without conducting medical supervision.”

With regard to retirees and the rights holders affiliated with the National Pension Fund, they “are not obligated to submit a life certificate or various administrative documents, as their files will be automatically updated until the end of this period.”

Meanwhile, the Ministry puts at the disposal of citizens an integrated package of digital services that enable them to “obtain various services remotely and spare them the physical presence to various agencies”, such as the Al-Hana space for the National Fund for Social Insurance for Salary Workers, the retiree space for the National Pension Fund, the Damancom platform of the National Social Security Fund for non-employees, and the ministry’s website, which remains at the disposal of citizens for any additional information.

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