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Ministry of National Defense: Arrest of dangerous terrorist and recovery of weapons and ammunition in Jijel province

A detachment of People’s National Army managed, yesterday, Wednesday, in the province of Jijel, to arrest the dangerous terrorist “Laouer Fahim” allias “Naim” and retrieve weapons and ammunition, according to a statement of the Ministry of National Defense issued today, Thursday.

The statement said that “as part of the fight against terrorism, and based on the processing of information, and following a search and combining operation in Mount Massaada in Mililia, Jijel, in the Fifth Military Region, a detachment of People’s National Army arrested, yesterday morning August 25, 2021, the dangerous terrorist “Laouer Fahim” allias “Naim”, who joined terrorist groups in 1994 as a nurse for criminals.

The same statement added, “The operation enabled the recovery of (02) two Kalashnikov machine guns (the first was in the possession of the terrorist and the second was seized after being exploited), (04) filled ammunition magazines, (01) spectacle, and a sum of money estimated at (5000). Euros, (110,000) Algerian dinars and a backpack with various items, in addition to the destruction of a cache (01) containing clothes, foodstuffs and panels for generating solar energy.”

“This operation, which is still ongoing, comes to be added to the series of achievements recorded in the field, which confirms the high vigilance and keenness of People’s National Army forces in eradicating the scourge of terrorism and preserve the safety and security of the country,” the statement concluded.

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