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Ministry of National Defense: Preserving memory is a safety valve for our national unity

The Director of Communication, Information and Orientation of People’s National Army stressed the importance of celebrating historical and cultural events  to preserve the national memory, which is considered “the safety valve of our national unity,” according to a statement issued today, Sunday, by the Ministry of National Defense.

The same statement added that, on the occasion of the commemoration of the massacres of May 8, 1945 and the commemoration of the National Day of Memory, the Director of Communication, Information and Orientation of the People’s National Army began his speech while supervising the event commemorating the National Day of Memory, organized in the Central Museum of the Army, by stressing the importance of “reviving such important milestones in our glorious history in order to preserve the national memory, which is a safety valve for our national unity. ”

The source said that “two lectures were presented, the first of which was delivered by Dr. Jamal Kandel entitled “May 8, 1945… a crime that refuses to be forgotten. ”The second lecture was delivered by Dr. Hocine Abdesettar entitled“ Visions and Perceptions between Memory and National Unity.” Also, on the occasion, a photo exhibition was organized to commemorate the various historical stages that our country has known, in addition to the inauguration of an oil painting commemorating the work of the artist, Karmich Ali.

According to the same source, a historical play entitled “The Fangs of Colonialism” by the theater movement in Kolea was also performed. It highlighted the most important events and stages of the struggle that Algeria knew during the French colonial period up to independence.

Finally, the statement of the Ministry of National Defense said that “these celebrations, which were marked by the attendance of various executives from the various structures of the People’s National Army, mujaheddin, university professors and schoolchildren were full of lessons and morals and loyalty to the sacrifices of our valued ancestors, they were also dominated by an atmosphere full of pride in our glorious history and the importance of preserving national memory and cohesion as well as consolidating the values ​​of patriotism, defense and sacrifice for the sake of the homeland among the younger generations.

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